Downtown Grill

Turn up the heat.
Turn on the taste.

ELECTRIC HIBACHI is a grilling revolution. Up to 700°F, hotter than most gas barbecues and perfect for condos and apartments. From now on, the world’s best grill plugs into a 120 V outlet.

Electric Hibachi,
every day.

Discover how you can make your Downtown Grill product a part of your everyday life.

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“Best grill ever”

Customer review,
June 2015

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The authentic
art of grilling

Recreate the cooking conditions of top steakhouses right in your home.


In the kitchen.
On the balcony. Anywhere.

No flame, no gas. Enjoy grilling anywhere gas barbecues aren’t allowed.

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The pure
flavor experience

Become the best chef in town. Activate flavors and aromas to achieve maximum taste and tenderness.


Revolutionary technology,
outstanding taste

Create perfect grill marks on your meat. The high-performance ThermoCeramix electrical element is in direct contact with the cooking grid.