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About ThermoCeramix

ThermoCeramix is a North American company specialized in heat transfer solutions based on its own proprietary technology. Our tried and tested applications are used in the energy, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

With a strong portfolio of patents, ThermoCeramix develops smart solutions that meet the needs of the modern world. Visit for more information.

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A revolutionary process

ThermoCeramix technology uses a process that literally bonds an electrical heating element to any surface. The ultra-thin coating is sprayed and applied directly to the cooking surface, providing electrical resistance. Powered by simple electric current, the coating generates the intense heat that makes ThermoCeramix one of the world’s most powerful heat transfer technologies.

Less than 250 microns thick, the multilayer coating offers incredible conductivity. The composition of the ThermoCeramix coating and the geometry of the heater element are specially designed to generate even heat for each specific surface and application. ThermoCeramix heating elements are UL and CSA certified.

High performance technology

ThermoCeramix technology is already approved and widely used, especially in aerospace applications. It is appreciated for its ease of use, reliability, practicality, and unrivaled performance.

  • Saves space because the electrical element and heating surface are fused, not separate.
  • Generates more heat using less power than traditional heating elements.
  • Can be used in innovative applications thanks to its customizable size, shape, thickness, and heat dispersion options.