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How to grill the perfect steak

We've all tried it, sometimes with success, mostly with failure. Grilling the perfect steak can be puzzling and hard to achieve, but with a little guidance, anyone can do it. So let's start with the basics.

Thickness + Temperature = Tastiness

A perfectly cooked steak is not too thick and grilled at very high temperature. Those are the perfect conditions to achieve the optimal Maillard reaction - the chemical reaction we can observe when cooking proteins, giving grilled meat and fish their delicious taste and aroma.

Remember these guidelines:

  • Thickness of the steak: 3/4" to 1"
  • Cooking temperature: 700°F
  • Use your instinct
  • Let it rest

First of all, avoid pieces of meat that are very thick. They take forever to cook and you'll end up with a burnt crust on the outside. Second of all, the cooking temperature is one of the keys to success here. Start by getting your steaks out of the fridge about 20 minutes before grilling them. They will take less time to cook.

About 10 minutes later, crank up your Electric Hibachi to the highest possible temperature - it will reach 700°F within the remaining 10 minutes, so you have time to make a salad ;) If you don't own the Electric Hibachi by Downtown Grill, you should definitely consider purchasing it! It will change your perspective on grilling forever! But otherwise, fire up your gas or charcoal grill to the maximum and wait for it to get to the highest possible temperature.

Once the maximum temperature has been reached, it's time to start grilling. The sames rules apply here, wether you're cooking on the Electric Hibachi or on a gas or charcoal grill. Put the meat on the grill. Yes, it will stick to it and that's normal. Don't touch it or press down on it: just let it be. After about a minute, check if the steak is unsticking on its own. When it does, turn it around 90° so it gets those perfect grill marks. Then flip it over and spice it up with your favourite mix. Wait for it to unstick by itself and turn it around 90° again.

"But how do I know when my steak is ready?" should you ask. It all depends on how you like your meat; from rare to well-done, the cooking time varies a lot. Our best advice is to use your instinct and feelings. Using your fingers and the fleshiest part of the palm of your hand, you'll be able to tell when the meat has reached perfect temperature for your taste.

Touching the palm of your hand to know if your meat is cookedYou simply need to touch the meat and compare its firmness to the fleshy part of the palm of your hand. Remember that when you touch a finger to your thumb, don't force it: just reach for it.

Follow this guide:
  • Index = Rare
  • Middle = Medium
  • Ring = Done
  • Pinky = Well-Done

The importance of resting

This step is SUPER important and is often skipped. Once your meat is done, wrap it losely in foil and let it rest there for at least 7 minutes. This will allow the juices to distribute themselves within the steak, ensuring it stays juicy and tender.

Now that you can grill the perfect steak, send us a picture of your piece of meat on Facebook!

Perfectly grilled steak